One afternoon last October

I was browsing through my photos and i saw this. This photo was taken last Oct 6, 2016. It was a week of emotional roller coaster.

It’s not a secret that Jerico and I separated for 7 months. It may be hurtful mostly on my part but those months were  really interesting. I really learned a lot. We both did.

This photo reminded me of the first time we spend a week together at our house. It’s really scary to be reunited with him. Will I regret this? Is this the right thing? What does he want from me?  I was at a point that time where I’m starting to be okay on my own so I wasn’t expecting anything. 

I am really scared that I might ger hurt again but something in me really wanted to be with him. A lot has changed but our love for each other stays the same. We both needed space, and that space made us appreciate each other more.

After that week, we decided not see each other for a few days to contemplate on our feelings. To think about whether we’re going to be in a committed relationship again or not. A second chance of love. This time, it’s all or nothing. I allow myself to slowly grow past the pain and choose to forgive.

Fear or Love? I choose love. 

You know that I will always choose you my love. This time, we are stronger and better individuals but best when we’re together. 

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