Reminder to our whys

This place will serve as our reminder to our whys. Why did we fall in love, why are we in this together, and why we should keep trying. Especially on times when we forget all those.

This will also be the place where we celebrate the little things. Cleaning our house, cooking and eating our breakfast, going for a dinner, or just fiddling with our phones. It’s part of us and it will all be here for us to remember.

Lastly this place will serve as a keepsake to our memories, something we can look back to. To watch our ever-changing selves and see how far we’ve come.

All this will unfold overtime and we are sure that this journey will be a rollercoaster ride as everybody says. We are looking forward to where it will take us. Welcome to our life as different individuals sharing our life together.

-Jerico and Julie

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