Ang saya natin ‘no?

Jerico is doing web development work. Julie is following up her brides.

We’ve been improving our home little-by-little. Making it fit with our needs and making the most of what we have. We’ve decided to make the extra room our work area. When she have clients, she does their make-up here. On my end, I do my web development and remote calls in this room.

It feels like everything is just falling in their place. It feels natural to live together. There are things I don’t enjoy doing but she does. There are things I don’t mind doing but she just despise it. It takes little to no effort to take care of each other.

I can say that all these are just side-effect of our improving relationship. We handle disagreements better. We are more open discussing issues better, even if it’s not comfortable. There’s this sense of trust and contentment around the house that it reflects on how we interact.

When we’re just killing off time busy with our phones or before going to sleep, we frequently say: Ang saya natin ‘no?

Yes, we are.

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