One afternoon last October

I was browsing through my photos and i saw this. This photo was taken last Oct 6, 2016. It was a week of emotional roller coaster.

It’s not a secret that Jerico and I separated for 7 months. It may be hurtful mostly on my part but those months were  really interesting. I really learned a lot. We both did.

This photo reminded me of the first time we spend a week together at our house. It’s really scary to be reunited with him. Will I regret this? Is this the right thing? What does he want from me?  I was at a point that time where I’m starting to be okay on my own so I wasn’t expecting anything. 

I am really scared that I might ger hurt again but something in me really wanted to be with him. A lot has changed but our love for each other stays the same. We both needed space, and that space made us appreciate each other more.

After that week, we decided not see each other for a few days to contemplate on our feelings. To think about whether we’re going to be in a committed relationship again or not. A second chance of love. This time, it’s all or nothing. I allow myself to slowly grow past the pain and choose to forgive.

Fear or Love? I choose love. 

You know that I will always choose you my love. This time, we are stronger and better individuals but best when we’re together. 

Ang saya natin ‘no?

Jerico is doing web development work. Julie is following up her brides.

We’ve been improving our home little-by-little. Making it fit with our needs and making the most of what we have. We’ve decided to make the extra room our work area. When she have clients, she does their make-up here. On my end, I do my web development and remote calls in this room.

It feels like everything is just falling in their place. It feels natural to live together. There are things I don’t enjoy doing but she does. There are things I don’t mind doing but she just despise it. It takes little to no effort to take care of each other.

I can say that all these are just side-effect of our improving relationship. We handle disagreements better. We are more open discussing issues better, even if it’s not comfortable. There’s this sense of trust and contentment around the house that it reflects on how we interact.

When we’re just killing off time busy with our phones or before going to sleep, we frequently say: Ang saya natin ‘no?

Yes, we are.

Who is?

So i saw this at my facebook timeline and i want to share my answers here. I’ll be super honest! Haha! This is only the side of my story and it’s only half of the truth unless Jerico approved of my answers.

Who is older? – JULIE 

Jerico’s birthday is Aug 6, 1990 and my birthday is July 21, 1990 so yeah im 1 month older.

Did you go to the same school? – YES

We both graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology at Intramuros. Im an Industrial Design graduate and he’s a multimedia art graduate. We always boast about which course is better. Industrial design is better! duh! hahaha! 

Who is the most sensitive? – JERICO

I think it’s because my dad is very strict and sometimes very tough in terms of disciplining his children. We are used to being scolded in public haha. My family is very frank also. On the other hand, Jerico’s mom rarely scold him and is very gentle. I get too sensitive sometimes depends on the situation. Currently, Jerico learned how to be tough in a good way and he also learned how to accept negative criticisms.

Where do you eat out the most – IT DEPENDS ON OUR MOOD

I don’t remember a specific place where we usually dine. We like trying different food from time to time. Yes, depends on the mood really.

Who has the worst temper? – JERICO

He gets mad easily! Hahaha! I have a bad temper too but most of the time im the more patient one. 

Who is more social? – JULIE

Jerico recently learned how to be sociable. He changed a lot. However, I’ve been social/friendly ever since i was little so yeah.. haha

Who is the most stubborn? – JULIE

Im a little bit spoiled growing up so haha.. but hey, I’ve changed too! 

Who wakes up first? – JULIE

Jerico couldn’t even hear his alarm clock! Haha! 

Who has the bigger family? – JERICO

My immediate family looks bigger. I have 3 siblings + their spouses so that makes us 8. Plus baby Jaden so 9. but if we’re going to count the relatives and cousins, Jerico’s family is bigger. 

Do you get flowers often?NEVER ?

3 years and counting in the relationship, i never received flowers from him. Huhuhu.. I dont know if that poor little flower he picked when we’re trekking is counted. Haha!

Who eats the most? – JERICO

He’s trying to gain weight.  

Who has the craziest ex? – JERICO

Nuff said.

Who cries more? – JULIE

Im a very expressive person.

Who hugs the bed? – JULIE

I love cuddling!

Who said I LOVE YOU first? – JULIE 

Im sure he’s smiling when he sees this question. Haha. Yes it’s me. Told ya, im very frank and expressive. But hey, he made the first move okay? Haha.

Who is the better cook? – JULIE

Love, bigay mo na sakin to. Haha. I cook most of the time so i guess it’s me!

Who is more messy? – JULIE 

Me because i have more stuff! Haha! His bag and computer files are very organized. But now that we live together, im learning how to clean the house. 

Who is the better singer? – JULIE

Jerico = monotone hahaha! Love you!

Who’s the better driver? – JERICO 

At first it was me because i drive to work / school almost everyday. I also taught him how to parallel park. But now, he’s the better driver. 

–Done already? Haha! I had fun answering these questions. I wonder what Jerico have to say about this. 



Reminder to our whys

This place will serve as our reminder to our whys. Why did we fall in love, why are we in this together, and why we should keep trying. Especially on times when we forget all those.

This will also be the place where we celebrate the little things. Cleaning our house, cooking and eating our breakfast, going for a dinner, or just fiddling with our phones. It’s part of us and it will all be here for us to remember.

Lastly this place will serve as a keepsake to our memories, something we can look back to. To watch our ever-changing selves and see how far we’ve come.

All this will unfold overtime and we are sure that this journey will be a rollercoaster ride as everybody says. We are looking forward to where it will take us. Welcome to our life as different individuals sharing our life together.

-Jerico and Julie